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The Homeowners Maintenance Checklist

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The importance of maintaining your new home on a regular basis is comparable to maintaining a new car. If you do not change the oil and have the car tuned up, little problems can become a major expense.

Unfortunately, many homeowners spend less time and money maintaining their homes than their cars! Yet, the car will generously lose value from the date of purchase while a well maintained home will increase in value and be a source of family pride and pleasure for years to come.

Your new home was designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the local building code for your home on the date the building permit was applied for. Your home was built to last for generations, but it has numerous com-ponents and systems that require periodic maintenance.

By implementing the following preventative maintenance suggestions, you can help keep your home functioning properly with minimal problems.

To help you pinpoint when specific maintenance items should be performed, this check list is divided into four time periods:

- After Move-In Every Month
- Every Six Months Annually

Additionally, you may be provided with manufacturers manuals and operating instructions for various appliances and systems in your home.The suggested maintenance procedures in these manuals should be closely adhered to.


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