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Annual Checklist



- Check attic vents to ensure that soffit vents are not blocked with insulation and move insulation back to its original location if there are voids on the attic floor.

- Check inside attic for signs of roof leaks. Be extremely careful not to damage or disturb electrical wiring or plumbing pipes that may be in the attic.


- Check drawers and hinges for proper alignment.Tighten and adjust as needed.


- Recaulk all areas originally caulked by builder, especially windows and doors.


- Tighten all bolts on garage door.

- Check and repair or replace weather stripping on exterior doors as necessary.

- Check and tighten door hardware and lubricate as necessary.

- Check the fit of exterior doors at their thresholds. Many designs are adjustable.


- Check all windows for gaps in caulking on the exterior of the house.


- Have HVAC Contractor perform annual maintenance check-up.


- Inspect chimney for nests.

- Have chimney professionally cleaned as necessary.


- Remove water heater residue following instructions in the

- Plumbing Fixtures Section of this Manual.


- Clean roof tiles and asphalt shingles (where applicable) of mildew and dirt as necessary.

- Clean pool deck and reseal as necessary.

- Clean pavers, driveways and walks as necessary.


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