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Every Six Months Checklist

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- Clean and apply a light coat of wax to wood finish cabinets.


- Check all areas originally caulked by the builder, especially exterior windows and doors.

- Check exterior paint and stain surfaces (especially stained doors) and refinish as needed.


- Check screws on door lock set and hardware and tighten as necessary.

- Lubricate bi-fold and by-pass doors as necessary.

- Clean sliding door track and apply silicone spray to tracks as necessary. Caution - only use a silicone lubricant; oil will cause the rollers to deteriorate.Take the necessary steps to protect adjacent flooring from the silicone, as it may discolor. Oil moving parts of the garage doors.


- Check electrical extension and appliance cords. Replace frayed or split cords.


- Check for cracks and voids in exterior caulking and re-caulk as necessary. Follow the maintenance instructions contained in the painting section of this manual.


- Visually inspect roof from the ground for broken or missing tiles or shingles and gaps in flashing.

- Check and clean gutters and downspouts, if installed.


- Have HVAC Contractor perform seasonal maintenance check-up.

- Ensure that air supply registers are not blocked by rugs, draperies and furniture.

- Make certain the concrete foundation that the A/C unit sits on is level.

- Remove excess leaves from vents.


- Check water supply lines and valves to sinks and toilets.Tighten if loose or leaking.

- Clean out faucet aerators, spray nozzles and drains.

- Check pipes and drains for water leakage.


- Check sills for caulking cracks or separations and re-caulk as necessary.

- Check weather stripping around windows and repair or replace as necessary.

- Check windows for smooth opening and closing operation. Clean tracks and lubricate as necessary, using silicone spray.

- Inspect window screens and repair or replace as necessary.


- Test detector and change the battery if needed.


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